[Lazarus] GLUT vs windows 64 bits

Philippe philippe at quarta.com.br
Thu Apr 10 18:43:56 CEST 2014


I made an application with GLUT. I did not have any problem to run
under windows 32. 

Under windows 64 bits, the program does not
recognize the glut32.dll properly and returns a message. 

I made a test
with example program openglcontrol_demo. Just added GLU, GLUT in a unit,
no other change to the project. I got: 

Object openglcontrol_demo
raised exception class `Exception` with message:
Could not load Glut
from glut32.dll 

I tried with GLUT32.DLL in windows32, in syswow64 and
in both. 

When I try to registrer the dll in either directory I got a
message which tells me that the DLL was found but 

not found 

And this is the very same file GLUT32.DLL I am using with XP
e Windows 8 32 bits ... 

Well ... may be there is better mail list for
this kind of problem!!! 

I appreciate any help. Even suggestion of
other "compatible" package (I have visited lists ... but some packages
are quite as old as GLUT himself, or example does not work, or very
different and I may not be able to move to ...) 


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