[Lazarus] "TGDBMIDebuggerInstruction: "-file-exec-and-symbols ", "

Marcos Douglas md at delfire.net
Thu Apr 17 05:46:37 CEST 2014


I'm using FPC 2.6.5 (fixes_2_6) and Lazarus trunk on Windows.
The GDB is updated too, here:

I run my program using the IDE and when program closes the IDE returns
the error below... and doesn't matter if I run on Debug mode or not.

While executing the command:
"TGDBMIDebuggerInstruction: "-file-exec-and-symbols ", "
gdb reported:
"&"../../gdb-7.2/gdb/printcmd.c:1916: internal-error:
clear_dangling_display_expressions: Assertion `objfile->pspace ==
solib->pspace' failed.\nA problem internal to GDB has been
detected,\nfurther debugging may prove unreliable.""

Could you help me?

Marcos Douglas

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