[Lazarus] Remote debugger looses connection to target on Windows 7

Bernd Mueller mueller.b at gmx.net
Thu Apr 10 16:06:26 CEST 2014

Martin Frb wrote:

> If gdb server can detect the connection loss (at "stop"), then it was 
> still connected. So gdb has failed on a different level. I assume that 
> the gdbserver on the arm target is the same, when you try from win7, as 
> it is when you try from win2000?

yes, I have only one target. So I am working always with the same gdbserver.

> Maybe something with the AV or firewall on win7?
Not impossible. But I doubt it.

> Maybe trying a different version of gdb on win7?
I have done this already.

> gdbserver seems to have some options to track problems, maybe try them?
>> Options:
>>   --debug               Enable general debugging output.
This is very strange. If I activate --debug, then everything seems to 
work. As if slowing down the target (by printing all the debug messages 
in its console) is helping somehow with the communication.

> You can also try the following.

> Rebuild the IDE. Then in the log, watch out for
>   >> TCmdLineDebugger.SendCmdLn "n &"

This is the log:

   >> TCmdLineDebugger.SendCmdLn "n &"
   << TCmdLineDebugger.ReadLn "&"n &\n""
   << TCmdLineDebugger.ReadLn "^running"

> then wait till the error happens, and see what happens if you press pause.
Then the assembler window pops up. But I have the impression, that 
IDE/Debugger and target are not in sync any more. But maybe, I am doing 
something wrong. I have to check this in detail.

Regards, Bernd.

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