[Lazarus] TCoolBar improvements

Vojtěch Čihák vojtech.cihak at atlas.cz
Sun Apr 27 14:36:04 CEST 2014


>For me it happens with GTK2 and QT on Linux Mint 14.
>1. Drag a band to the right side of another band.
>2. Place mouse cursor on the grab-handle of the right side band. It is
>kind of between the 2 bands. Cursor correctly changes to horizontal
>3. Grab the handle (mouse down) and the cursor changes to "disallowed" sign.
 > On Windows the cursor remains as "resize" which is correct.

>On Windows the cursor changes to normal pointer when mouse goes over
>other controls on bands.
>With QT + Linux the cursor is always "disallowed" when dragging.

With all widgetsets it is possible to drag and resize bands, only the
cursor is wrong.
I still cannot reproduce. I don't know why it happens, in the code is used only crDefault, crHSplit and crDrag.

>Yes, in Object Inspector set Align=alBottom or Align=alClient for a
>control which is attached to a band.
>Strangely, after switching back to Align=alNone the positionsing logic
>is still broken. You can move the control manually.
>I still think the code should use AlignControls. It is part of LCL's
>design and solves cleanly exactly this kind of issues.
>I am afraid now you must do more hacks to fix the positioning and it
>will still not be good.
I see. I'll try to do something with it.
Coincidentaly, before two hours I installed Delphi7 Personal Edition to Wine and their implementation of TCoolBar isn't perfect too. For example, I can drag control away from band (on the second attempt). Also, when I put button on CoolBar it creates new band (it's OK) but it resizes the button to the full width of the CoolBar, which is pretty ugly. I tried to have more bands side by side in design time and in run time and I don't know how to it. II can only have each band on new line. Maybe it's possible only from code. But I believe it's possible somehow otehrwise the property Break shoudln't make sense.
On the other hand, TControlBar works fine in Delphi. That's where we loose yet. :D
I'll try to improve both. 
Have a nice day.
PS: Did anyone try ECControls on Carbon already? 
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