[Lazarus] how to debug from virtualbox

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Mon Apr 28 14:21:28 CEST 2014

On 28/04/2014 12:54, FreeMan wrote:
>> I think it's easiest to install FPC+Lazarus on your Windows image even
>> though you said you didn't want to do that.
>> Alternatively, I suppose you could build with -g -gl and run the
>> application in your image using gdb.exe and manually try to debug 
>> things.
> I don't wanna install fpc or lazarus, 'cos system will change and not 
> be real test system. some dll maybe path maybe settings can be change 
> when install that, and I can not be sure real test.
> Can Lazarus remote debug  from windows? my real question is this. 
> sorry for my english, I'm still using dictionary.

Yes. But we do not supply the tools. You must download them yourself.

I have never tried via SSH, so I do not know if that works.
GdbServer does work on windows.

Having said that, I only tested Window to other Windows.
If you do Linux to windows you need to test if your local gdb can open 
the windows exe for symbols (afaik it needs a copy of the windows exe). 
Theoretically this should work. Again this kind of gdb stuff, you need 
to find gdb support / gdb mail list....

You must download it (e.g. from mingw), maybe also download any dll it 
needs (some versions need dll / It will pop up a notice, if it does).

There are some notes here.

All else google the docs for gdbserver.

Lazarus 1.2 supports this (but likely with some limitations), But 1.3 
has improved support.

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