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Philippe philippe at quarta.com.br
Thu Aug 21 00:54:06 CEST 2014


thank for your answer. 

I found the default font on my
machine/windows 8 is Segoe UI. I´ll check if it is avalaible under other
version of Windows ... 

your suggestion (looping controls) is
interesting, I didn´t know it, but will change all the controls of the
form ... and that is not what I need ... I just want to change the
Lazarus default. So it will change the font of controls using
font.name='Default' in the configuration/object inspector. 


Em 20.08.2014 12:58, Salvatore Coppola escreveu: 

> 2014-08-16 12:40
GMT+02:00 Philippe <philippe at quarta.com.br>:
>> I wrote a program,
used font.name [1]=default for allmost everything ... it was looking as
Arial font. Fine. 
>> It was on a Windows 8 machine. 
>> Then I
copied the program to a Windows XP machine to check. 
>> Where
static text and others are written with something looking as a New Times
Roman ...
>> and sometimes not fitting in the field width ... and be
>> I undestood there is something about windows default
font. Googled ... ... ... 
>> On the my W8 machine default font
(from registers) are Microsoft Sans Serif and Tahoma ... diferent. 

>> I made a test. In the attached image, the first text is with
default, the second with Arial, both with bold mode. Arial was the
closest font from default I found ... but still a bit diferent. 
Question 1): which default font is used with Lazarus ?
> the theme
>> Question 2): is there a way I can set the default font in
> I don't know if is possible in RAD way, but you can set
the font you want in on create event for each controls you want. 
procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); 
> var i: integer; 
> for i:=0 to ControlCount-1 do 
> Controls[i].Font:=YOURFONT; 
> Thank for your help 
> Philippe 
> PS. F1 in
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[1] http://font.name

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