[Lazarus] Hungarian translation - anybody interested?

Kovács László info at kovacsoltvideo.hu
Fri Jan 10 13:23:20 CET 2014


I'm in an early stage of my first project in Lazarus, and I want to use 
my native language in my application, wherever possible.

I did not not find a hungarian translation, so I created a 
"lclstrconsts.hu.po", and translated some of the captions, including 
different dialogs captions and Yes/No/Cancel/Ignore/Retry/Abort/ etc...  
buttons which seem to be frequent.
I didn't translate all of the strings at all, so surely there are other 
strings worth to translate later, but for me it's enough at the moment, 
as the captions I really need now appear in hungarian :)
I did not translate the colors names (for example: #: 
lclstrconsts.rslimecolorcaption msgid "Lime"), but I may do it later. 
However, on windows I read hungarian color names on a fontdialog, so not 
sure where these names appear...

There are tons of messages of which I have no idea how and when get 
Those I can't tranlate now. (For example: msgid "No widgetset object. 
Please check if the unit \"interfaces\" was added to the programs uses 
However, I don't think these messages would appear during a normal 
operation of a program.

Should I upload or share this .po file or should I keep it for myself as 
it's incomplete?



Laszlo Kovacs

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