[Lazarus] Is there a separate mailing list for Lazarus developers?

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Sun Jan 5 15:07:59 CET 2014

When people ask questions like this it is because they are making
comparisons with other projects which are more open, or in the case of
Lazarus easier to follow.

I follow a few groups such as pharo-dev and squeak-dev regularly and others
such as web2py occasionally. In all instances once I log on to my email I
can quickly get a good idea of how things are moving, ie you know how
features are progressing and what bugs are being fixed.

I couldn't understand why I coudn't get an idea of developments in Lazarus*
just by following the mailing lists* and wondered if there was another
mailing list. The mailing list you are referring to is not listed at
http://lists.lazarus.freepascal.org/mailman/listinfo and it is clearly not
related to development of features as is generally understood.

The wiki only tells you about features after they have been implemented. It
doesn't give an idea of how and why they evolved the way they did. Although
they enable code displays to be better formatted once you have to follow
more than a few different wikis and forums they are less convenient. This
is an issue which has been well debated and I have no intention of raising
it here.

FWIW I have just spent over an hour exploring Mantis and it looks like the
place where a lot of Lazarus development related discussions occur.
Obviously it is a complex multiplatform system which is rather mature in
internet years and has gathered quite an amount of cruft and I can
understand why its developers prefer to focus on fixing existing issues
rather than spending/wasting time debating new features.

@Matthias and Bart - I think it helps to open up the more technical
discussions to outside viewing. There is always smart lurker out there who
can help with some abstruse issue which escapes you or you don't have the
time or resources for. Kostas issue is an example of what I am taking
about. Not that many people would be familiar with that area, be involved
with it and to recognize that there was a bug there let alone have
knowledge of the library or API internals to fix it. Bugs for most people
mean bugs in programming logic not in interfaces to specialized libraries.

@Juha - Perhaps you could follow the example of the older wiser heads such
as Florian and Matthias who have responded to this thread with examples and
suggestions because they had a better understanding of why I asked this
question. Just because someone's manners or style rubs you the wrong way
doesn't mean they are trolling - which is generally understood to be
creating drama and controversy for its own sake.

A belated Happy New Year to Lazarus Developers and Congratulations for what
is a good development tool given their resource constraints. ( I tend to be
stingy with praise!!)

Frank Church

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