[Lazarus] Is there a separate mailing list for Lazarus developers?

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Sun Jan 5 22:07:48 CET 2014

On 5 January 2014 14:41, Florian Klämpfl <florian at freepascal.org> wrote:

> Am 05.01.2014 15:07, schrieb vfclists .:
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> > When people ask questions like this it is because they are making
> > comparisons with other projects which are more open, or in the case of
> > Lazarus easier to follow.
> >
> > I follow a few groups such as pharo-dev and squeak-dev regularly and
> > others such as web2py occasionally. In all instances once I log on to my
> > email I can quickly get a good idea of how things are moving, ie you
> > know how features are progressing and what bugs are being fixed.
> Considering the svn log, squeak developed (80 commits in 2013) approx.
> 50 times (!) slower than lazarus (almost 4000 commits in 2013) so no
> wonder you cannot follow lazarus comparable easily.
Squeak is a Smalltalk system and all the changes are versioned
automatically in the live image and shared via the Monticello repository.
If they use svn it is probably some ancillary systems related to the
project. Between 1st and 5 Jan their repository system has recorded 25
commits to about 10 different packages.

Anyway I am not comparing a dynamic, interpreted system using a live image
with a static compiled language as they are quite different paradigms and
the development styles are quite different.

Frank Church

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