[Lazarus] [ANN] Lazarus Manager v0.8

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Sat Jan 11 15:55:44 CET 2014

Kjow schrieb:
> 2014/1/10 Hans-Peter Diettrich <DrDiettrich1 at aol.com 
> <mailto:DrDiettrich1 at aol.com>>

> Well, if Lazarus Manager can't use svn nothing will work.
>     *Manually* here means using some tool - which one? 

> 7-zip -> Open

These two tools should be mentioned in the docs, how to check for 
already installed, or how to install.

No need to explain further details to me, I found the existing 
documentation sufficient so far.

> Without "binutils" nothing will work.

Of course, the manager already checks that and reports problems.

>     When I found the target directories missing, I tried to repeat
>     "FirstInstall" (no improvment). How do I a clean restart?
> Lazarus Manager is not working for you, because it doesn't recognize svn 
> and you don't have extracted binutils.

Sorry, I *did* install svn, 7zip, filled the Binutils dir, and got the 
sources checked out. My problems start with the compilation of the sources.

> Anyway, to restart, just delete the root installation directory you 
> choose for Lazarus Manager (e.g. C:\Develop ).

I've moved the Binutils directory to an safe place now, so that I can 
copy it into the root directory afterwards. Then restarted with a fresh 
copy of Lazarus Manager.

Tried to modify the Binutils path, to use my saved Binutils, but the box 
seems to be read-only. Well...

Started Lazarus Manager, proceed until FirstInstall, copy the binutils 
when propted, checkout starts, make seems to do something, all consoles 

BTW a DebugScripts checkbox would be nice, redirecting (at least "make") 
console output into log files (easier than halting before the consoles 

Remaining questions:

Where is the make output (installed files)?
The fpctrunk and fpc_2.6.x directories look fine to me.
laztrunk too, but lazarus contains no Lazarus.exe???

How do I start/configure the various Lazarus versions (trunk/stable)?
Do both Lazarus versions use the same FPC (stable branch) version?
IMO they should, at least when Lazarus has to be rebuilt.
So how do I use fpctrunk with Lazarus?

Lazarus setup doubts about the correct "make.exe":
Warnung:Es gibt keine fpc.exe im Verzeichnis von make.exe. Ɯblicherweise 
wird "make" zusammen mit dem FPC-Compiler installiert.
Is it okay to use make.exe from fpc\Utils\bin...?
Could this cause the following problem:

The IDE (1.3) then starts fine, but seems to use *fpctrunk* and 
consequently fails to build my HelloWorld project :-(

Since this issue seems to be Lazarus related, I'll ask in another thread.

>     Please clarify: is the "temporary" path (shown in the log) the full
>     path used during the build process? Which other "standard"
>     directories are involved?
> The path reported in the log is the path that Lazarus Manager use during 
> its processes.

That's fine, and I'd leave it like that. Using and modifying the OS path 
IMO is not a good idea, because then multiple versions and third party 
adds can get into the way. I already considered to remove the 
directories added by previous Lazarus installations...

>     How is the \pp directory involved? It was created by another Lazarus
>     (older, stable) installation, obviously incompatible with the
>     current/trunk projects.
> This is the "strange" part... teorically there are not interactions with 
> Lazarus Manager processes... but what you reported has put me on alert.

Looks like this problem doesn't exist any more. At least the files found 
in pp\bin\... date from 2010.

>     A general note on FPC/Lazarus installation:
>     I had several installations on my old (Win7) system, but don't
>     remember how I made "make" work there, and which one was the most
>     recent one. Is there something simpler than the BuildFAQ, telling
>     how to make things work without killing other existing installations?
> Tecnically, with Lazarus Manager you can install as many times you want 
> different and indipendent installations. At the moment, I have FIVE 
> "roots" within any of them two Lazarus and two FPC installations 
> (branch/trunk) and I have no problems:

Great :-)


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