[Lazarus] FPC and Lazarus trunk

patspiper patspiper at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 11:44:29 CET 2014

On 12/01/14 11:42, FreeMan wrote:
> I had same problem, but after one more update to:
> fpc svn update 26427
> lazarus svn update 43710
> Kubuntu 13.10 x64
> I don't know how and why but Now IDE builded,
> projects and components are compiled. My project builded and running. 
> But, I installed rxgrid, when click on objectinspecter for create 
> event, open rxgrid.pas and this message popup
> "Unable to create new method. Please fix the error shown in the 
> message window, which is normally below the source editor. "
> and message window has this error:
> /home/lazarus/components/rx/rxdbgrid.pas(832,62) Error: unit not 
> found: variants
> another test:
> open new project, add "variants" on uses of unit (code complied works 
> here) then dblclick on OnActivate property on Objectinsp. created 
> event in editor. Then dblclick on "OnChangeBounds" event property, 
> editor create headers too, but, message windows has this error. but 
> project compiling and running, this is very strange
> ---------------------------------------------
> unit1.pas(8,75) Error: unit not found: variants
> another test:
> when first try code complied (form uses has variants), this error 
> accur and code complied not work.
> another test:
> /opt/freepascal/2.7.1/packages/rtl-objpas/src/inc
> this folder not in search path,
> easy test, add any pp file (from this folder convutil.pp, dateutil.pp, 
> variants.pp etc ) to form's uses and try ctrl + left click, not 
> underline and not jump to that file.

Did you try Tools/Rescan FPC source directory?

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