[Lazarus] Lazarus Second Release Candidate, 1.2RC2

Maxim Ganetsky ganmax at narod.ru
Thu Jan 16 23:26:29 CET 2014

16.01.2014 23:55, Martin пишет:
> On 16/01/2014 19:45, Maxim Ganetsky wrote:
>> Somehow I don't think that this change will be as complex as changing
>> default debug format. Anyway, we can try to enable it in trunk and see
>> what happens.
> If you want to try, go ahead.

I think that it should be your decision, because you will have to sort 
out possible bugs. Personally I am fine with current default.

> What happens, if you have an external info file, and rebuild the exe
> (but without creating new debug info)? Will the wrong info be applied?
> Or will it be ignored?

Don't know, I think this should be handled by GDB? AFAIK if exe was 
built without debug info, old debug info file won't be applied. The case 
you describe can happen only if user manually moves/copies exes without 
correct debug file, but even then probably GDB has some protections.

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  Maxim Ganetsky                  mailto:ganmax at narod.ru

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