[Lazarus] Delphi incompatibility - hard cast

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 18 23:51:42 CET 2014

On 18.01.2014 23:48, Marco van de Voort wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 09:55:25PM -0500, Bob Hofman wrote:
>> Both a syntax check and a build did not throw any errors but if I attempted
>> to run the application it would error out with an access violation as soon
>> as it got to the above assignment.
>> I think that FPC is just catching it at compile time while Delphi is not.
> Note that there is also a runtime check available for this in FPC. It is
> called -CR and very, very useful.

And in trunk it even raises an explicit exception class instead of 
merely an exception: EObjectCheck. :)


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