[Lazarus] Hooking into the IDEs save events?

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Fri Sep 26 11:59:30 CEST 2014

During development a lot unneeded changes occur forms, especially when you
move them around or click on controls to set events etcetera.

I want to have settings which stop forms or data modules from being edited
or that abandons changes to the LFM or DFM when the project is being saved.
Another option will be the ability to specify what sort of changes are
allowed, like whether controls can change parents, whether they can be
moved within the same parent, whether they can be resized etc.

I don't know if Lazarus allows forms to be locked against changing, but a
good way would be to revert the file to its previous state if the system is
under source code control.

The idea is that before the IDE attempts to save a file, which in will be
mostly DFM or LFM file, the user is warned that the form has been locked
against changes and will stop the file from being saved. In the worst case
the file will be saved, but the VCS can revert it back to the last commit.

So in short are there some IDE events and procedures that can be hooked
into to decide whether some changes will be allowed?v

Frank Church

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