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> The problem with "tip of the day", is that it must be maintained according
> to the IDE updates.
> "Tip of the day" would be useless (and harmful), if it suggests a feature
> that's no longer in the IDE.
> Another complication of the "TOTD" is that it needs to be translated.
> Otherwise it's also useless, if the IDE runs in a language different that
> IDE.
> "TOTD" must also be "environment" aware. Just as on your example -
> there're hot-keys present. But a user could modify the hot-keys for
> themselves. As well as "default" hot key layout is different from OS to
> OS.  So the implementation is not as trivial as "just read the list of html
> pages and tips foldere and present them to a user on start".
> To summarize: adding "TOTD" to Lazarus will increase the maintenance cost
> of the system!
> Instead of having TOTD - wiki pages should be popularized.
> Reason - much greater number of people could contribute to it. Removing a
> need of developers (or release builders) to maintain the set of "tips" in
> IDE.
> Also articles and personal blogs do typically cover a lot of "tips" that
> could be found in TOTD.

Delphi (XEs shows the Embarcadero tips from your web site, suggesting
frameworks, books etc.), Android Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, Aptana Studio,
Visual Studio, SmartGIT and a lot of others IDEs uses a TOTD style.

Well, it was just a feature request based in an useful idea, but it can be
discarded without problem. :-)

Silvio Cl├ęcio
My public projects - github.com/silvioprog
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