[Lazarus] TComboBoxEx and TCheckComboBox

Vojtěch Čihák vojtech.cihak at atlas.cz
Wed Sep 10 17:43:28 CEST 2014

MyStrings.Assign(ComboEx.Items)  //this should work normally
ComboEx.Items.Assign(MyStrings)  //this is possible via ComboEx.AssignItems(MyStrings) 
There are inconsistency but I see now way how  to avoid it.
For example, the ComboEx.Items.Assign(). Here I would need some notification that new data was assigned - to clear old TCheckComboItemStates and create new one for each new string in list.
But there is no such notification. I tried to create new class derived from TStringList but it lead to other problems. Class helper and FPONotifyObserver was also a blind way.

> PTCheckComboItemState(Items.Objects[i])^.Data;
> Although, I can do new property TCheckComboBox.Objects[] and getters + setter will do the job.

This is possible, but it would be inconsistent to the other LCL

For example:
Items is a TStrings, so it would be nice if 
ComboEx.Items.Assign(MyStrings) and MyStrings.Assign(ComboEx.Items)
works normally.

It would be nice if the Enabled states are stored outside Items.


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