[Lazarus] Enabling menu-options depending on a Lazarus-setting?

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Sat Sep 13 20:50:26 CEST 2014

On 09/04/2014 11:42 PM, Martin Frb wrote:
> Example in
> procedure TDebugManager.ConnectMainBarEvents;

This was at least a little bit of use. Frustrating that disabling a 
menu-item in the IDE takes more time than implementing the whole 
pseudo-terminal feature.

It still does not work, though. TDebugManager.SetDebugger is useless 
because it is only called when the debugger is started. So I had to set 
it somewhere else.

The problem that I have now is that when I add the BaseDebugManager to 
the implementation uses-section of the debugger unit, *all* ide-settings 
are lost as soon as I open the options-screen. Seems like some magic is 
happening here. Does anyone have a clue what?



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