[Lazarus] TAChart Date Axis Remove Weekends

"Leonardo M. Ramé" l.rame at griensu.com
Sun Sep 14 13:35:50 CEST 2014

On 14/09/14 06:57, Werner Pamler wrote:
> Don't use the real date as x value. Instead, use a counter value that is
> incremented every time you add a value to the series. Don't add data if
> the "DayOfWeek" of their date is 6 (Friday) or 7 (Saturday). In the data
> you posted in your previous message the weekends are already messing,
> therefore you can simply use the line index I for the x coordinate of
> the data point.
> The problem left is the display of the axis labels. Your code in the
> other posting already adds a data label to each series point (last
> parameter of AddXOHLC shown). To activate it set the Style of the
> Chart.BottomAxis.Marks to smsLabel, and don't forget to link the
> ListSource of the series (that's where your AddXOHLC data go to) to the
> Source of the BottomAxis.Marks.
> However, the x labels will be quite crowded and overlapping. There are
> several ways to get rid of that: Use some logics in creating the data
> labels - for example, if you want labels only for Monday set the
> DateToStr(lDate) to the data label only if the DayOfWeek(lDate) is 2
> (Monday), and use an empty string otherwise. Or you can play with the
> Intervals property of the BottomAxis to increase the distance of the
> labels, e.g. Intervals.MinLength=100, Intervals.MaxLength=200. Or you
> can rotate the label by 90 degrees
> (BottomAxis.Marks.LabelFont.Orientation = 900)

Thanks! Werner, the chart is starting to look very good.

Now, I need to define the range of left axis. By default it starts on 0 
(bottom left) and ends in the highest value of my data. How can I change 
the starting value, to the minimum value of the data source?.

Currently all the data poins are displayed at the top part of the chart, 
and from 0 to 70 is empty.

Leonardo M. Ramé

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