[Lazarus] Selection issues in class derived from TCustomDrawGrid

Rik van Kekem rik at graficalc.nl
Sun Sep 14 18:15:59 CEST 2014

On 14-09-2014 17:17, Werner Pamler wrote:
> Or just run "spready" which starts with an
> empty spreadsheet, activate editing... It does not work for me.
When setting ExtendedSelect to true for the WorksheetGrid it works like 
expected (that's why it worked for me with a clean project because it's 
default true in a TsWorksheetGrid but for some reason you set it to 
False in the spready demo).

>  >>> some other weird stuff (like reading an .ods gives me an error
> about adding a empty name for a worksheet and when changing a cell in
> the grid i get an invalid date format error
I've never used the gui-components and reading of .xls/.ods but just for 
this occasion i tried it with a simple demo (to see what went wrong).

I see the exception with invalid date is indeed only in the IDE.
The <"" is not a valid worksheet name.> i still get with loading a 
simple .ods. (just a simple .ods, .xlsx works fine, with some fields 
filled and default sheet-names also gives this error in the spready demo)

But if you don't get this with an .ods i'll try to figure out why it's 
only for me. (and if i find out i'll open a bugreport)

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