[Lazarus] white popup hint box

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Mon Sep 15 22:12:48 CEST 2014

On 9/15/2014 10:05 AM, Rik van Kekem wrote:
> waldo kitty wrote:
>> i'm also quite confused how you saw that image with that section
>> yellowed... i've looked at the same image on several machines and see
>> only white on white :/
> Like Anthony already found out, even if it's white on screen it really is a very
> light shade of yellow. You can see this by adjusting the brightness of your
> screen but with a laptop that's a bit more difficult. I've seen multiple times,
> especially with laptops, that you can't see these subtle colors. (For me, with a
> desktop-screen, the difference is really visible)

i'll have to try one of the other systems that still has a crt... most every 
system here has a flatscreen display... i think they're all lcd, too...

> If you don't want to change your theme you can change it in the source of
> Lazarus itself. But your other programs will keep a white hint. I don't know how
> to make a clearer border but the color is here:
> Lazarus_dir\LCL\Include\hintwindow.inc
> // Color := clInfoBk;
> Color := clYellow; // <- for instance
> But clInfoBk is used a lot more throughout the Lazarus IDE so it might be better
> to change your theme. Maybe somebody else could hunt down the border-drawing for
> this tooltip (which i couldn't find off hand).

i've changed the theme for now but yes, it would really be nice if someone would 
fix the border so it is grey or black or such... perhaps it might be a good 
thing to add these color settings to the options->colors area, too?

eg: tool tip border     : #000000
     tool tip background : light grey

or how ever they are specified... it is much too deep in the innards of lazarus 
for me to even think about looking for... especially with my ancient TP/BP 
procedural thought process methodology ;)

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