[Lazarus] Anchordocking

Rik van Kekem rik at graficalc.nl
Thu Sep 25 17:49:34 CEST 2014

"Leonardo M. Ramé" wrote:
> I also wouldn't care about docked windows if at least the ide could
> remember window position. Is it possible to save the window positions?.
Did you try Tools -> Save window layout as default.
(As already stated this has problems with a second monitor but on your 
main/first monitor it works just fine. Without the docking option saving 
the layout works fine on a second monitor)

I also checked out pl_GlassDocking, which worked fine in Lazarus with 
one minor change, but it also has problems with a second monitor. In the 
source it also states somewhere: // ToDo: move to monitor

(pl_GlassDocking is a modification of AnchorDocking Library for 
CodeTyphon Studio but it also works in Lazarus)

In the source of anchordocking.pas itself, it also states all the 
bugtracker entries which indicate problems with the anchordocking package.

Among them:
- http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=19810 multi monitor
(and a few others)

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