[Lazarus] GetWindowSize misleading documentation or bug?

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Fri Sep 26 22:45:18 CEST 2014

El 26/09/14 20:47, Giuliano Colla ha escrit:

> I was too hasty in my reply. After some tests here are the results:

Yes, I was puzzled when you said it didn't work in an xp vm, since
that's exactly the configuration I tested

> GetWindowSize returns the window client area in all platforms.
> GetWindowRect here returns the full window area (decoration and borders
> included) in all the configurations tested:
> Windows XP running in a VM under Linux, with Lazarus 1.2.4
> Linux CentOs 6, Gtk2 and Qt, desktop KDE and XFce, Lazarus 1.2.2 and
> Lazarus 1.3 (trunk)

Strange, on mageia 4, kde, lazarus 1.2.4 it doesn't work. What I'm
trying to do is to tile windows one next to the other. Using
GetWindowRect under windows I can do it properly, while on linux gtk the
windows overlap (i.e. with this layout

     A  B  C
     D  E

A overlaps D and B overlaps E, the amount of overlap seems to be equal
to the height of the title bar).

> Apparently the documentation isn't accurate, and there's a mix-up of the
> two functions

So in theory GetWindowRect is the "right" function while GetWindowSize
is redundant (since there's already width and height)?

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