[Lazarus] multi step dialog

Steve stevie at collector.org
Thu Aug 20 04:18:10 CEST 2015

On 19/08/15 12:40, Marc Santhoff wrote:
> On Mi, 2015-08-19 at 11:20 +0200, Bart wrote:
>> On 8/18/15, Marc Santhoff <M.Santhoff at web.de> wrote:
>>> On Mo, 2015-08-17 at 16:39 +0200, Bart wrote:
>>>> On 8/17/15, Marc Santhoff <M.Santhoff at web.de> wrote:
>>>>> Plus it's a recurring task (like reading directory entries into a
>>>>> container - Delphi has a class for, lazarus not). It would have been
>>>>> nice if there were a template or the like.
>>>> Care to elaborate on that (in a new thread)?
>>> Regarding a TDirectory class I think the properties are the same. The
>>> difference is it's a very commen use case to read directories and files
>>> into acontainer.
>> You say that delphi has a class that does this.
>> Can you point me to the right place in Embarcaderos's DocWiki where
>> this class is described?
>> This way we might start a cleanroom implementation for this.
> No, sorry. While searching the web I found some Delphi code snippets
> showing the use of a class named TDirectory, that's all.  I personally
> do not own or use Delphi (> Version 2).
>> B.t.w. You know that we have FindAllFiles procedure and a
>> TFileSearcher class in LazFileUtils?
> No, I did not. I'll have a deep look.
> Thanks,
> Marc
the reference you need is 

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