[Lazarus] Lazarus project compile flags

Toan Pham tpham3783 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 23:05:42 CET 2015

Thank you guys,

I'll evaluate lazbuild, and see how well it integrates into my build

I really like the build system of c/c++, and that's why I would like to
know if there is a way to use the same build system for fpc projects.  For
instance, if I were to compile a c++ project that uses the wxWidget
library, calling the wx-config utility is sufficient to compile the
project(eg. wx-config --libs).  The LCL library is similar to the wxWidget
library, having a utility like lcl-config (eg. lcl-config --libs), would
simplify the fpc build process; and would make it possible to convert any
fpc project to a makefile build project.

@Michael Van - let's say  you have one build environment, how are you able
to manage cross-building for many machine types (i486, pentium etc), and
different architectures (x86, arm)?
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