[Lazarus] [solved]How to install SVN fpc and lazarus on OSX

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Tue Feb 10 12:52:56 CET 2015

I finished and tested my install svn script. I'm not add screenshot and 
script here, 'cos screen is bigger then 100kb :S
I added info, Translate later, its hard for me.
This script especially SSD lover like me :D Script add Ram drive and 
attach it (3GB) and use it. script calculate how long work make and 
install job. But don NOT forget its in RAM, when electric goes, all 
datas goes too :)
Script JUST make build fpc and lazarus svn.You have to install GDB, qt 
etc.  before, where or what you want.
Script is parametric. Can download fpc stable version, attach it and 
install dpk. before download, its check file if file is in folder not 
download and use that file. This mean you can download file and copy it 
Need stable version, for compile svn version, I added that (33mb) to our 
website, script can download it for you. Or if you paranoiac :) download 
and isntall stable version where from you want and copy bin and lib 
folder then compress it and use it :) I did like this.
all other detail and screenshots and script file in this my link. If you 
wanna use this script its your own risk :)


I wish to add more cross compile parameter "win ce" linux etc. maybe 
some one help about this.

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