[Lazarus] to zeljko about bug #27411

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Fri Feb 13 16:45:29 CET 2015

Hello zeljan,
bug id 27411, I'm not opened so I can not reopen in bugtracker. not 
changed more then that patch for me.
example: alt + g combination not working still for me. and some other 
keys. That other keys not important but, alt+g is important for me. I 
try add alternative  to "ctrl + <" combination, via key grab. first 
image show "find key comibanetion" white area under blue button, not 
found any key result. second image, typed "procedure list" from 
keyboard, keys name is same but not equal ?

in any editor, "ğ" this char(without ") showing alt + g pressed. in 
lazarus grap key always show uppercase, and show G. can NOT dedect alt 
key pressed.

If can you test in osx system, please change key board layout from 
system options to "Türkçe - QWERTY PC" this is same UK keyboard layout 
just 6 keys more, but others same plase. I wish to sent screenshot but, 
I can not get while pressed alt key.
But if you want, I can get via my phone, but picture is big size. I 
can't send to mail list.

this links maybe helpful about layout
mine layout UK. look at to enter key, similar reversed L spell :)

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