[Lazarus] Is this bug?

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Sat Feb 14 12:48:25 CET 2015

osx fpc & lazarus svn qt x64
In "Install/Uninstall Packages" form.

*-)When open this form, Installed list items showing, but Available for 
installation list empty. just when mouse move list printing. There is a 
refresh problem I think.

*-)"export list" button not ask overwrite question, if file exit.

*-) I add "lazmrumenu 1.0" save and rebuild IDE. This mean this packages 
installed and added in lazarus appication. exit lazarus, make bigide, 
start lazarus IDE, open "Install/Uninstall Packages". "lazmrumenu 1.0" 
still in installed list, but its not there, 'cos I'm not run lazbuild. 
Why or what I need, I have a problem in my 3party component(I think). 
after use lazbuild, mypackages list add, then when close IDE, everything 
close, then system crash report coming. So I need, "real" installed 
packages list, and maybe active profile's packages list

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