[Lazarus] whats different extra list between make & make bigide

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Sun Feb 15 13:03:45 CET 2015

osx yosemite fpc & lazarus svn qt x64
I couldn't find what different between all and bigide. Just bigide ->as 
all, except that the IDE is built with a lot of extra packages
my test:
command line is:
*-)make -s clean all PREFIX=/Volumes/ram_disk/opt/lazarus/ 
CPU_TARGET=x86_64 OS_TARGET=darwin LCL_PLATFORM=qt OPT="-k'-framework' 
-k'ApplicationServices' -dUSE_QT_45 -g -gl"
*          Lazarus make  finished !!!         *
     CPU_TARGET = x86_64
     FPC PREFIX = /Volumes/ram_disk/opt/freepascal/3.1.1
lazarus PREFIX = /Volumes/ram_disk/opt/lazarus/
    lazarus OPT = -k'-framework' -k'ApplicationServices' -dUSE_QT_45 -g -gl

execution time   1  minutes and   40   seconds elapsed.
lazarus app size 38 174 364 byte.
*-)command line is just changed all to bidide
execution time   2  minutes and   10   seconds elapsed.
lazarus app size 46 975 188 byte.
*-)maybe makefile need modify. geted this verbose, same command line 
without all and bigide
Makefile:2332: warning: overriding commands for target `.'
Makefile:2330: warning: ignoring old commands for target `.'

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