[Lazarus] In source Editor, cmd, alt key problem on osx

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Tue Feb 17 13:11:24 CET 2015

osx yosemite fpc, lazarus svn qt x64
*-)alt + g key not working, I mean this is "procedure list" short cut. 
we talked with zeljko, maybe still working on it. This message about, 
pressed alt + "spell any key" some combination paint some char, if its 
not paint char, alter then release alt key, then press some spell key, 
paint some chars (not spell) then paint spell. second press and later normal
*-) just click "cmd" key and release, then move mouse on to any function 
or variable or etc, painting like a "mouse link" when click on action is 
normal, not mouse link. or press any key, turn to normal, and paint 
normal pressed key.

alt and cmd key pressed not work properly, ctrl key is normal, I 
couldn't unnormal action yet.

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