[Lazarus] very small addition to multilog package

Roberto P. padovani.r at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 19:03:37 CET 2015

I've been using for long the great multilog package to do selective logging
to file and an IPC listener.Recently I needed to setup a little more
complicate IPC based system, for which I took advantage of all of that good
In order to have a multiple agent bi-directional communication was to be
able to give a different name to each server.

So, if anyone is interested in it or you want to include it in the
"standard" multilog package, I am attaching ipcnamedchannel.pas
It is nothing more than a copy of the standard ipcchannel.pas with a change
in the constructor a little else.

This possibility could be very well integrated in the standard TIPCChannel
class with a second constructor, but I simply preferred not to touch the
original file.


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