[Lazarus] New Get Lazarus Initiative

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Wed Feb 4 12:30:39 CET 2015

El 04/02/15 a les 06:00, Anthony Walter ha escrit:
> I am please to announce the launch of a new initiative to promote Free
> Pascal and Lazarus. The hub of this initiative is http://www.getlazarus.org
> The get Lazarus initiative aims to an reintroduce Lazarus to the
> software development world. To aide in this endeavor we've created our
> own special Lazarus bundles for Windows, Mac, and Linux with test
> versions of Free Pascal 3.0 Lazarus 1.4. We believe these bundles are
> the easiest Lazarus environments to install ever, and they won't
> interfere with your existing Free Pascal and Lazarus environments. We've
> also built-in support for full cross compile between platforms by default.

Even if I usually compile from svn, I gave it a try:

Extracting  lazarus/components
Extracting  lazarus

Everything is Ok

Folders: 736
Files: 8556
Size:       137119151
Compressed: 18295820
patching file components/ideintf/objectinspector.lfm
patching file components/ideintf/projectintf.pas
patching file ide/include/unix/lazbaseconf.inc
patching file ide/include/win/lazbaseconf.inc
patching file ide/main.pp
Hunk #1 succeeded at 2032 (offset 1 line).
patching file ide/mainintf.pas
patching file ide/projectdefs.pas
patching file ide/projectinspector.lfm
make -C packager/registration
make[1]: Entering directory
/usr/bin/rm -f ../units/x86_64-linux/fcllaz.ppu
/usr/bin/mkdir -p ../units/x86_64-linux
/usr/bin/ppcx64 -MObjFPC -Scghi -O1 -g -gl -l -vewnhibq -Fu. -FE.
-FU../units/x86_64-linux -Cg -dx86_64 fcllaz.pas
Hint: (11030) Start of reading config file
Error: (11006) Illegal parameter: -FM/unicode/
Hint: (11007) -? writes help pages
Makefile:2299: recipe for target 'fcllaz.ppu' failed
make[1]: *** [fcllaz.ppu] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory
Makefile:3050: recipe for target 'registration' failed
make: *** [registration] Error 2
setup.sh: línea 207: ./lazbuild: El fitxer o directori no existeix
./lazbuild --lazarusdir=. --build-ide=
make: ./lazbuild: No se encontró el programa
Makefile:3076: recipe for target 'useride' failed
make: *** [useride] Error 127
strip: 'lazarus': No hay tal fichero
strip: 'lazbuild': No hay tal fichero
strip: 'startlazarus': No hay tal fichero

Free Pascal and Lazarus install complete

setup.sh: línea 239: ./lazarus: El fitxer o directori no existeix

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