[Lazarus] Mac retina pain

Michael Ring mail at michael-ring.org
Thu Feb 5 23:04:22 CET 2015

I have done a screencap of Lazarus running on my Retina Mac:


When you display it in Preview in original size and then hit CMD '-' 
three times then you see the resolution as I see it on my display.

Antialiasing must be set to on, the fonts are not rendered in perfect 
resolution, but for me this is now good enough. You can also build 
Lazarus with QT-Widgetset, but then you loose []{} keys in Lazarus which 
is sometimes a little frustrating when you need an array ;-)

I have uploaded the gdb from my machine here:

http://temp.michael-ring.org/gdb (5.1MB)

judging by the dependencys it has it should also wort on your MAC. BUT 
you first need to codesign it.


It is pretty straightforward to build gdb from source, the following 
libs/tools might be necessary (I have those installed with homebrew), 
but configure will tell you...

libtool pkg-config automake gettext readline gnu-getopt texi2html


Am 05.02.15 um 21:53 schrieb Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho:
> Hello,
> I've got a retina MacBook since a few days, but already there is quite
> a lot of pain:
> 1> Lazarus renders really bad, pixelated, and Retinizer couldn't help
> it =( The main Lazarus window starts in a position too in the top of
> the screen and therefore under the menu bar. I couldn't find anything
> so far in google which would indicate a solution to the pixelation
> problem. I guess Apple went out of their way to screw Carbon apps in
> Yosemite? Because a LCL-Cocoa app looks great ... well, I guess
> LCL-Cocoa is a each time more pressing priority... but anyway, does
> anyone know how to fix the existing Carbon Lazarus in retina? I need
> to use the source editor =D
> 2> this second part will be just a rant, since I doubt anyone will
> have a solution. OMG I have this computer since 2 days and already
> there is so much pain getting gdb up and running =( homebrew won't
> work because of a stupid wrong version of a 200kb install_name_tool
> app, and their proposed solution is that I download more than 5GB and
> reinstall the entire operating system just to get this *&%$ bastard
> 200kb file fixed =( what is wrong with these people at Apple????
> Couldn't they just not remove gdb??? Can't someone just send me the
> file?
> Anyway, I guess I will have to reinstall everything from zero due to
> this stupid file. (actually this will be really hard since I'm already
> over my internet limit and using my phone's internet ... if the
> notebook had a DVD drive and install DVD then I could reinstall from
> the DVD, but I didn't think they would remove the DVD drive from their
> main notebook) Or maybe just give up debugging in Mac OS X ... long
> live WriteLn!!!
> thanks,

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