[Lazarus] Developing on Linux with files on Windows NTFS {Solved]

Donald Ziesig donald at ziesig.org
Sat Feb 7 02:18:36 CET 2015

Thanks to all who responded to my plea for help with multi-platform 

It seems that I was mistaken about the time-stamps causing the problems 
I encountered.  The problems were caused by the fact that Lazarus for 
Linux wants case sensitive file names and the NTFS driver I was using 
was case insensitive.  The erroneous behavior that I was seeing was due 
to capitalization in unit names, not time-stamps.

The solution (as suggested by John Landmesser) was to use ntfs-3g (I put 
it into fstab and added my own uid/gid to avoid permission problems.  
fstab would not have been the proper solution if there were more than 
one user on the computer).  I also took the suggestion to use separate 
directories for the windows and linux project files.  This separated the 
object and executable files between the two systems as well.

I also found a windows driver for ext4 that does not corrupt the ext4 
file system.  It is available from Paragon Software (free for personal 
use, reasonably priced for commercial use).

It was suggested that I use svn for file sharing between windows and 
linux.  I actually use git for all my source control, but it did not 
solve the mixed case file name issue that was actually causing my 
problem between the two OSes.

Again, many thanks for all the great help.

Don Ziesig

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