[Lazarus] Developing on Linux with files on Windows NTFS [NOT Fully Solved]

Donald Ziesig donald at ziesig.org
Sun Feb 8 19:43:01 CET 2015

There is still one residual problem.  Right now I am developing and 
testing on Linux with the files on NTFS using ntfs-3g with case 
sensitive file names.  Everything seems to be ok until I get a 
compilation error at which point I get two editor windows pointing to 
the same file with tabs showing:

MyFile    MyFile(2)

If I re-compile, a window pops up telling me that the file on disk has 
changed and asking if I would like to reload.  If I press reload I get 
the modified file, else I get the file from before the compilation 
error.  Strangely, the compilation error will re-occur even with the 
modified file showing in the source editor and the unmodified file 
closed in the source editor.  It doesn't seem to matter if I use 
"file-contents" or "file timestamp" to determine the modification state 
of the file.  Also, I have looked on the disk and see only the 
MyFile.pas, never MyFile(2).pas.

There is a simple work-around (which might give someone a clue as to the 
cause).  If I explicitly save the modified files before starting 
compilation the problem never occurs.  (I just have to remember to do it 
;-) ).

This never occurs when the files are on the Linux ext4 file system.

Don Ziesig

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