[Lazarus] another fatal eror

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Tue Feb 10 21:42:25 CET 2015

On 10/02/2015 19:44, FreeMan wrote:
> I fix my problem. Open IDE and remove some component and rebuild, now 
> I can build via lazbuild. But if you wanna still try find this bug,  I 
> backedup packagefiles.xml file. If lazbuild work with this file, error 
> still going on.
> On 10.02.2015 21:16, Martin Frb wrote:
>> Open the file again in gdb, but do not run it,
>> For each of the addresses from the trace do

Mattias wil have to look at the trace. I just added the gdb tricks.

There is no actually a crash, but a call to IDEMessageDialog, which 
includes dumping the trace.

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