[Lazarus] Column ruler above a synedit

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Wed Feb 11 01:09:03 CET 2015

On 10/02/2015 22:18, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> Martin Frb wrote:
>> You should be able to copy  the entire class 
>> TSourceLazSynSurfaceManager = class(TLazSynSurfaceManager)
>> (It is in the IDE, but check the svn logs / blame, if no one else but 
>> me changed it then consider it lgpl+except)
>> TopLineCount sets how much space you get on top.
>> TSourceLazSynSurfaceManager(FPaintArea).ExtraManager.DisplayView
>> set a source for the text you want to paint.  If you do NOT forward 
>> to the textbuffer, then it will not come via the highlighter, and be 
>> highlightfree. But you can add your own.
> Is my understanding of what you're saying correct that there would be 
> dead space to the left of the extra top line stuff if line numbers 
> were displayed (which is what I want)?
> I'll take a look at the logs presently to work out what went in when. 
> My older code, relying on stacked synedits, is good for the GTKv1 era.

Same as for the top-hint in the ide.
Yes the gutter stays empty. At least it can, and work like that in the 
IDE. All the code should be in SourceSynEditor.
See image

SynEdit delegates all painting to the TextArea, which also returns how 
much space it can offer.

Normal SynEdit:
   FTextArea := TLazSynTextArea.Create
TLazSynTextArea  splits the space 3 ways (see the creator of SyNedit 
and/or TSourceLazSynSurfaceManager
Left/Right Gutter and Text

TSourceLazSynSurfaceManager splits it 2 ways: upper/lower
- The lower is known to SynEdit, and contains and provides SynEdit with 
info on the boundaries.
- The upper is in your control. It also has 2 gutter, but unless you 
feed them they stay empty (in the IDE even changes to the gutter setting 
appear to be forwarded, not sure how)

 From SourceSynEditor
   TSourceLazSynSurfaceManager(FPaintArea).ExtraManager.DisplayView := 

FTopInfoDisplay provides the info what to paint. You need to do your own
 From my memory....

>     procedure InitHighlighterTokens(AHighlighter: 
> TSynCustomHighlighter); virtual;
>     procedure SetHighlighterTokensLine(ALine: TLineIdx; out ARealLine: 
> TLineIdx); virtual;
  will be called with 0, and gives "out" 0 // sets the line (index) that 
needs to be painted.
Since your area is the height of 1 line, and GetLinesCount retunrs 1 
there is no scrolling (Also nothing  (except you) will change the 
topline for this)
>     procedure FinishHighlighterTokens; virtual;
>     function  GetNextHighlighterToken(out ATokenInfo: 
> TLazSynDisplayTokenInfo): Boolean; virtual;
  your text
     TokenStart: PChar;
     TokenLength: integer;
     TokenAttr: TSynHighlighterAttributes;
you may need a TSynHighlighterAttributes; (color)  but try nil, or 
create an empty one

>     function GetLinesCount: Integer; virtual;
  always ONE (1)
>     function GetDrawDividerInfo: TSynDividerDrawConfigSetting; virtual;
     Result.Color := clNone;
>     function TextToViewIndex(AIndex: TLineIdx): TLineRange; virtual;
>     function ViewToTextIndex(AIndex: TLineIdx): TLineIdx; virtual;
return same as input // used by folding

In your case to prevent the gutter
-  Inherit TLazSynGutterArea
- in TSourceLazSynSurfaceManager.Create use your class for the gutter
- in YOUR_TLazSynGutterArea.DoPaint(ACanvas: TCanvas; AClip: TRect);
   FGutter.Paint(ACanvas, Self, AClip, 0, -1);

that should keep it empty

For your case you need to add handling of LeftChar for horizontal scroll.

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