[Lazarus] Promoting Lazarus: A Case Study Video

JuuS JuuS at mykolab.ch
Sat Feb 14 13:02:11 CET 2015

Good link thanks, looks like a neat program! I also bemoan the fact that
the super super Pascal Language and Lazarus is not used more...I am
always pushing it when anyone asks about languages...

BTW: Giuliano: I played it on Kubuntu in Firefox...maybe Javascript is
blocked on that site on your machine?

I read your page as well and noted a few errors...The corrected script
is below, changes in <<< >>>:

Report operators are pulled from data, as well <<< "at" should be "as"
>>>> report criteria data types, they are all pulled from data.

Finally, with regards to innovative features, this <<< "applications"
should be "application">>> allows reports to be placed into batch


In the hands of even a single capable developer Lazarus <<< needs the
word "has" here >>> the potential to create business applications with a
high degree of usability for end users, and its multi-platform
capabilities offer more options for business to reduce their IT
infrastructure costs.

On 02/14/2015 11:52 AM, Anthony Walter wrote:
> Hello all, in our continuing effort to re-energize the Lazarus
> community, and reach out to new prospective users, I will be creating a
> series of Lazarus case study videos. This first one is posted online here:
> http://www.getlazarus.org/videos/reports/
> The aim of this initiative is to draw interest back to Free Pascal and
> Lazarus, especially in light of all the hard work you guys have done in
> preparing for Free Pascal version 3 and Lazarus version 1.4.
> If anyone wants to add to the case study content, feel free to use the
> edit this page feature to make your additions. The editors at
> getlazarus.org <http://getlazarus.org> can quickly, and easily find and
> review your edits, so don't hesitate to contribute.
> Also, if you want to forward the above case study to a work colleague or
> a technical acquaintance, please do. That's the reason its there.
> Thanks everyone for your hard work, and keep an eye out for our next
> case study.
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