[Lazarus] How to edit color value in Object inspector

JuuS JuuS at mykolab.ch
Sat Feb 14 14:19:31 CET 2015

Ha! I should have known that!

Lazarus/pascal is infinitely customizable. Been out of the pascal
environment for so long I'm forgetting the basics.

Thanks Mattias, I will look into the override...

BTW, super job. You are all my heroes.

On 02/14/2015 01:33 PM, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
> On Sat, 14 Feb 2015 13:25:03 +0100
> JuuS <JuuS at mykolab.ch> wrote:
>> [...]
>> The problem was in the Object Inspector one cannot put value, one must
>> use the drop down color picker. In the color picker one can only put a
>> color in the form of #AABBCC. But what comes back from the Picker is a
>> value in the form $00CCBBAA.
> The color picker is the system color picker. It may use HTML notation,
> which uses RGB or RRGGBB.
> TColor uses BBGGRR.
>> What one would want is to have the picker allow input that is the same
>> as what as what the picker outputs, ja?
> You can override the TColorPropertyEditor.
> Either change the shown value to your system color picker, or implement your own color picker.
> Mattias
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