[Lazarus] Is this bug?

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Sat Feb 14 15:44:40 CET 2015

On 14.02.2015 16:21, Juha Manninen wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 14, 2015 at 1:48 PM, FreeMan <freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com> wrote:
>> osx fpc & lazarus svn qt x64
>> In "Install/Uninstall Packages" form.
>> *-)When open this form, Installed list items showing, but Available for
>> installation list empty. just when mouse move list printing. There is a
>> refresh problem I think.
> It works in other environments. If you find how to refresh it better
> in OS X, please send a patch.
If I find, exactly yes.
>> *-)"export list" button not ask overwrite question, if file exit.
> Is the question needed? Exported data is not master data for anything
> and can be exported again any time.

just for useto,

>> *-) ... exit lazarus, make bigide, ...
> Why you "make bigide"?
> The package was installed already. Bigide has a fixed set of packages.
> Juha
Why not? I'm using ram driver, some times remove drive and reinstall fpc 
& lazarus. make or make bigide, I'm using 3party tools rx etc. I mean, 
after maked IDE and run, this form show rx packages is in installed 
list, but not yet installed. Its just in profile. isn't it?
another scenario: maked lazarus and lazbuild worked with default profile 
and added some packages from ccr. rx example. exit IDE and  run other 
test profile
./lazarus --pcp=~/.lazarus-fortest
application file is same, rx included, but ~/.lazarus-fortest profile 
has not. I hope I translate what I mean.

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