[Lazarus] Is this bug?

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Sat Feb 14 18:11:19 CET 2015

No :) I understood right, but my translate is wrong :)
this link explain bigide

bigide         as all, except that the IDE is built with a lot of extra packages

but what is extras? no where in web. of course  after install / 
uninstall any packages or in console use lazbuild change bigide defined 
packages list. This is not much important for me. I perfer make bigide, 
its nearly making 2min so not important. My question is not abouth this.

I reported in bugtracker #27468. rx librarry crased IDE after closed. 
this line in crash report on osx system FINALIZE$_$RXICONV + 19 
(rxiconv.pas:439) I hope aleksey see this report.

I needed to find which package has error, I looked for, I couldn't 
handle it. I tried to remove one by one, what I installed packages after 
maked IDE. I have that list, but have not got list, after make (default 
installed bigide or just make) so I couldn't compare packages list.

Where or how can I get, lazarus IDE application has (or added) lpk list? 
I hope this been clear question.

On 14.02.2015 17:50, Juha Manninen wrote:
> Somehow you misunderstood the idea. It is ok to run "make bigide" when
> reinstalling Lazarus but not after you have installed a package.
> When you build from Tool -> Configure Build Lazarus or from the
> Packages -> Install/Uninstall packages, the installation of your
> selected packages is ready. You destroyed it by running "make bigide"
> again.
> Juha

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