[Lazarus] need suggestion about ParamStrUTF8(0)

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> Subject: Re: [Lazarus] need suggestion about ParamStrUTF8(0)
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> On Tue, 17 Feb 2015 14:33:41 +0200
> FreeMan <freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com> wrote:
>> osx yosemite fpc, lazarus svn qt x64
>> ParamStrUTF8(0) in /lazarus/components/lazutils/fileutil.pas
>> this function result in osx : ......./myproject.app/Contents/MacOS/myproject
>> showing normal, but its symbolink link, not application.
> When deploying your application you can remove the symbolic link and
> move the binary into that folder.
> Eventually Lazarus will put the binary into the folder.
>> Why I need real application path, I need create some folder and create ini files in 
>> application's same folder.
>> In osx myproject.app is a folder, and finder show it like a application, 
>> so end user not find and access to that created folder and ini files. I 
>> need real application path. How to do this?
> Although the Finder does not show the contents of this folder by
> default, programs can read and write there normally. You can store ini
> files there.
> If you want the user to see your ini files in Finder, then you should
> create a normal directory. As far as I know there is no standard for
> that.

Maybe I misunderstand some details, but i understand the Apple Human Interface Guidelines that preference files should be put in ~/Library/Preferences for user specific preferences and in /Library/Preferences for global ones. Other files can be kept within the .app bundle, in particular if they should be replaced by a new installation or update and unless they should survive an update of the program. In the later case they should be placed in ~/Library/Application Support/NAME_OF_YOUR_PROGRAM or /Library/Application Support/NAME_OF_YOUR_PROGRAM if they are global. Simillarly, log files should be placed in ~/Library/Logs/NAME_OF_YOUR_PROGRAM or /Library/Logs/NAME_OF_YOUR_PROGRAM. For further details read here:


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