[Lazarus] RC1 Debugger error

JuuS JuuS at mykolab.ch
Wed Feb 18 19:49:47 CET 2015

Hit a problem right off with RC1. I've attached the screen shot.

I'm assuming I'm to report problems here in the list or is there another
venue for that? Let me know...

Here's what happened...

I opened one of my regular projects and built and ran it.

It ran perfectly. I could see no problems whatsoever.

I had also made a published version of the project (as you had
suggested) and so I opened that.

I added a couple of controls as test: a bit btn, with an onclick, and
some hint text and a TArrow with a double click. I also renamed one of
my existing TButtons.

I also moved around the form a bit, testing as you suggested.

I then did a build. It reported success.

But F9 to run and I got the debbugger error immediately, as shown.

Even though the warning was drastic, Laz IDE was responsive after I
pressed OK.

Did another build. Message window was now blank of hints and warnings
but still showed compile success. Another run and the same debugger error.

I reversed all the changes I had made, in steps. Still got debugger
error. But after each change the message window was again filled with hints.

After a shutdown and restart of Laz, still got debugger error.

Without shutting down, I reloaded the original project. Still getting
debugger error.

I then shutdown Laz, re-opened it. We are now still with the original
project (not the published one)...and...it worked fine.

> == How to test ==
> Download and install the 1.4RC1.
> - On Windows you can install as a 2ndary install, that will not affect your current install:
>   http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/Multiple_Lazarus#Installation_of_multiple_Lazarus
> - On other platforms, if you install to a new location you need to use --primary-config-path
> In either case you should make backups. (including your primary config)
> Open your project in the current Lazarus (1.2.6), and use "Publish Project" from the project menu. This creates a clean copy of your project.
> You can then open that copy in the RC1. Please test:
> - If you can edit forms in the designer
>    - rename components / change properties in Object inspector / Add new events
>    - Add components to form / Move components on form
>    - Frames, if you use them
> - If you can navigate the source code (e.g. jump to implementation)
> - Auto completion in source code
> - Compile, debug and run
> - Anything else you use in your daily work
> Mattias
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