[Lazarus] -FcUTF8,-dEnableUTF8 create problem

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Thu Feb 19 13:28:19 CET 2015

Thank you Mattias
I found a few minutes ago this link,
and test finished in osx a few second ago. All works fine for me. I'm 
not test on linux and win, maybe later I can test in crosscompile. This 
is impotent for me.
But this topic still countinue about
wFileStr.Read(ar, 4);
maybe has a bug here. Different then my problem.

On 19.02.2015 14:10, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
>> >I need get application version infos, and others,
>> >........
>> >     VR : TVersionResource;
>> >     FV : TFileVersionInfo;
>> >.....
>> >    VR.FixedInfo.FileVersion[0];
>> >    FV.VersionStrings.Values['CompanyName'];
>> >FV.VersionStrings.Values['InternalName'];
>> >etc.
> Extend the unit with the TMachOResourceReader.
> Mattias

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