[Lazarus] whach list and hint in source is wrong display value

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Thu Feb 19 15:05:50 CET 2015

On 19/02/2015 13:51, FreeMan wrote:
> I found problem. not string show problem. My string variable get value 
> from My defined function,  I didn't notice that, this my mistake, 
> sorry for this.
> Problem is:
> ..
> Result := fpReadLink(AFilename);
> ..
> /freepascal/3.1.1/rtl/unix/bunxovlh.inc
> Function fpReadLink(const Name: RawByteString): RawByteString;
> result is string. I tested it like this too "StrVariable := 
> fpReadLink(AFilename); "
> added to result "^char($000000010E3C1358)" this strings, number change.
> type
>    RawByteString=  type  AnsiString(CP_NONE);
> How to do? I'm confused little bit.
The debugger has no support for the codepage. It displays all strings, 
as if they where utf8. If your string has another encoding then this 
will not work.

There is no roadmap on this yet. Also due te restrictions in the debug 
info this may not be possible in the gdb based debugger.
It is currently not possible for the debugger to tell the difference 
between pchar and ansistring (the debug info created by fpc in stabs and 
drarf2 is the same). This means the debugger can not do anything for 
strings, because if it was a pchar things would go terribly wrong.

This changes with dwarf3 (though not if gdb is in play / besides gdb 
crashes on dwarf3).

So a fix for this will likely only be in fpdebug. However fpdebug needs 
a lot of other fixes. So this will not be soon.

Maybe it will be  possible to add an option to the watch properties (but 
the hint is not fixable) / Yet again matter of time available.
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