[Lazarus] Embedded/small database

Rik van Kekem rik at graficalc.nl
Fri Feb 20 09:26:29 CET 2015

leledumbo wrote:
> Not changing anything doesn't mean nothing supplied. You still have to
> distribute it.
No, you don't *need* to distribute one. But that wasn't your original 
argument. Your original argument was that you needed to *specify* a 
config file and *set* some environment variable before program start. 
And that's not necessary.

So it should be:

- just supply a single dll/so (or nothing if you statically linked it).

- supply a bunch of dll/so (firebird doesn't consist of just one)

For *both* there is no need to do *any* setup.
So, yes, Firebird Embedded does need more files but not all of the 
supplied files are necessary to distribute. If, with that, you get a 
complete portable embedded RDBMS which is 1:1 compatible with it's big 
server-brother my choice is easy.

> Interesting. I don't know how firebird works without its .conf file, perhaps
> it has default value for everything.
The config file supplied doesn't have *any* settings in it. They are all 
commented out because they are all default in the .dll itself. The file 
is only supplied as an example to what you can change in the rare 
instance you need to. (Where are those settings for sqlite?)

I don't even bother removing unneeded files from the supplied/downloaded 
firebird_embedded.zip. I just unpack everything to my program directory 
and my program is ready to go.

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