[Lazarus] while make lazarus x64, get i386 error

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Tue Feb 24 13:37:35 CET 2015

Thank you your suggestions Mattias.
If I'm not wrong, our result is same just way is little bit different.
I don't like copy file every where, Examp.
my fpc and lazarus folders, under /opt/.  fpc use this 
"/usr/lib/fpc/$fpcversion/units/$fpctarget/*" folder so copy files 
there. Same way, for binnary ppcxxx files copy to for /bin/  I prefer, 
make symbolic link, 'cos for remove or some time upgrade application 
(not just fpc & laz) need copy where to copied before, have to remember, 
but if its link can find easy, never mind this is how to use to.

in my script like this:
make -s clean all install INSTALL_PREFIX=$prefixVolume$fpc_prefix 
after maked and add link to system
sudo ln -sf $prefixVolume$fpc_prefix"/share/doc/fpc-"$svnVer 
sudo ln -sf $prefixVolume$fpc_prefix"/lib/fpc/" /usr/lib/
sudo ln -sf $prefixVolume$fpc_prefix"/bin/bin2obj"  /bin  --> here add 
other all files, I wrote one for example.

after then run this command:
sudo /usr/lib/fpc/"$svnVer"/samplecfg /usr/lib/fpc/"$svnVer"/ /private/etc

and this lines in created fpc.cfg,
# searchpath for units and other system dependent things

sometime I run make command 10 times in day, maybe more. remove all 
files and rerun make command. I love my ssd :) so I add to my script 
"$prefixVolume" variable. This is  for ram drive path, so all make job 
read write in ramdrive, so my ssd live not decrease.

On 24.02.2015 13:14, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
> You combined FPC sources (/Volumes/ram_disk/opt/freepascal/3.1.1)
> with the FPC installation (/Volumes/ram_disk/opt/freepascal/3.1.1).
> Although this is possible, it makes it harder to spot
> misconfigurations, so it is not recommended.
> If you are not an expert, do what all others do: Use different
> directories. For example
> make distclean all install INSTALL_PREFIX=/Volumes/ram_disk/
> CPU_TARGET=x86_64
> This creates the files under
> /Volumes/ram_disk/lib/fpc/3.1.1/units/x86_64-darwin
> Don't forget to remove /Volumes/ram_disk/opt/freepascal/3.1.1/lib.
> And then add to your /etc/fpc.cfg
> -Fu/Volumes/ram_disk/lib/fpc/$fpcversion/units/$fpctarget/*.
> After that click in the IDE menu Tools / Rescan FPC source directory.
> Mattias

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