[Lazarus] Promoting Lazarus: A Case Study Video

Lukasz Sokol el.es.cr at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 14:30:50 CET 2015

On 24/02/15 12:55, Giuliano Colla wrote:
> Il 14/02/2015 15:51, Anthony Walter ha scritto:
>> As a reminder, if you could please use the wiki to make corrections
>> rather than posting additions or corrections here, my life would be
>> much easier.
> I didn't find any link to a wiki in getlazarus.org, so I'm forced to
> post just here. Which Wiki did you refer to?

There is a link to 'edit page'... just under 
the Lazarus title, upper left corner. Looks like it is on (almost) every page.
(only looked at the help request and home and about-us so far)

At least, it is in my MBOFF under Debian.


To Anthony: please, from a perspective of a casual user, can you explain,
what is /your/ motivation for splitting and developing this away from the main 
lazarus-ide.org site?

I'm /NOT/ saying it's anywhere near bad, (as I haven't used it yet).
Just unsure... and just having had a look at getlazarus.org and lazarus-ide.org,
side by side,  /I/ seem to like the original better... but, it's just 'my view', YYMV.

If you have explained these somewhere, please point / link / PAK (Push A [google] Keyword).

(I just re-read the message about New Get Lazarus Initiative, 
on this m/l, of 4/2/15... it doesn't say anything about /motives/ there either)

> Just my 2 cents,
> Giuliano

Kind Regards,


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