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Wed Feb 25 11:46:09 CET 2015

Am 25.02.2015 11:35 schrieb "Graeme Geldenhuys" <
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> On 2015-02-25 09:53, Michael Schnell wrote:
> > While (AFAIK, not having watched, yet) in Delphi XE this is only
> > possible with FireMonkey
> Correct, the Delphi video was just for the FireMonkey toolkit - hence my
> comment if LCL is only meant for desktop development (like VCL). I don't
> know what LCL is targeting these days... still only VCL compatibility,
> or slowly moving towards FMX compatibility.
> Is the LCL-CustomDrawn widgetset maybe meant as the target for FMX
> compatibility?

Delphi's VCL was not portable to anything else than Windows, which is why
Embarcadero added FireMonkey. The LCL however /is/ portable so we don't
need FM and can instead improve the LCL to handle this better including
native look and feel.

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