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Am 25.02.2015 12:02 schrieb "Graeme Geldenhuys" <
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> On 2015-02-25 10:46, Sven Barth wrote:
> > we don't
> > need FM and can instead improve the LCL to handle this better including
> > native look and feel.
> Okay, so does that mean currently LCL can't target Android or iOS, but
> the possibility could exist in the future?  The reason I say this is
> because to date there is no LCL-iOS or LCL-Android widgetset to choose
> as a target.

You cam do this with the CustomDrawn target. Please note that the widgetset
for iOS is simply Cocoa and not "iOS" (though I don't know what's more
usable: the Cocoa widgetset or the CustomDrawn-Cocoa widgets; I'd need to
experiment with that on my Mac ^^ )

> I haven't really tracked the progress of LCL over the last couple of
> years. So I'm just trying to compare Delphi and Lazarus to see how they
> compare for multi-platform and multi-device development. I'm trying to
> see if Lazarus is a viable option for a future project, or am I better
> off spending the small fortune and buy a copy of Delphi XE7 (or
> AppMethod). Maybe alternatives like Xamarin is an option too, but I
> would like to keep to the Object Pascal language if possible.

You could also try Oxygene which supports both iOS and Android, but you'll
have to write platform and framework specific code for both... (so no
abstraction like the LCL does for example)

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