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> Hello,
> It would be good if people start testing LCL-Cocoa and report bugs.
> thanks,
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> Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

svn trunk is the same situation as 1.4RC1

I looked further into 32bit cocoa from svn trunk and found these issues:

1) setup dialog for fpcsrc.

I have my fpcsrc at a different place (namely in /sw from fink). The expected dialog comes up, but searching cannot be stopped. The Halt button is not responsive and i cannot enter text in the line of the path. The fix at the moment was to build the carbon version. With this the dialog is ok and i can set the path. After switching back to cocoa, the IDE can be startet. In addition, I tried pass the correct path to lazarus through the sources, namely tools/install/macosx/environmentoptions.xml and ide/include/unix/lazbaseconf.inc. It seemed to work for carbon, but not for cocoa. 

2) Standard Controls.

In the toolbar, the icons of the standard controls are missing. The other controls like Additional, Common Controls, … are displayed.

3) Compiling gets stuck
After adding a TStaticText and starting compile, lazarus gets stuck compiling and can only be stopped through external task management. In the message window the initial not about compiling FCL can be obtained, but that is where it hangs.

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